Rebel Wilson’s Incredible Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson’s Incredible Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson has been inspiring millions lately with her incredible weight-loss transformation. When the Australian actress, writer, and producer stepped out onto the red carpet recently, she wowed crowds with her trimmed down, healthy looking figure. However, this change didn’t happen overnight for Wilson.

In 2012, Wilson shot to fame as “Fat Amy” in the box-office hit Pitch Perfect. By the end of 2016, though, she announced that she was committed to achieving a healthier lifestyle. After some initial success, her weight loss hit a plateau. This is a common story for those trying to undertake a dramatic weight change.

Yet, in May 2018, Rebel Wilson graced the cover of Vogue Magazine, showing off a wonderfully trim new figure. Her grit and her determination is there for all to see. So, what helped push her weight-loss journey into overdrive? What did Rebel do to achieve such amazing results?

With innovation in weight-loss technology happening almost daily, there are many incredible, rigorously tested products on the market now. And luckily for us, you don’t have to be rich and famous to get your hands on them. So don’t despair, here are some wonderful ways to kick-start or step-up your own weight loss program.

Rebel Wilson lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. We assume she might’ve used the following recommended products below. 


Garcinia Cambogia Plus 

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Rebel Wilson once said of her size: “You would probably describe it as emotional or stress-eating. I don’t do drugs; I don’t really drink…so eating is my one vice.” For a lot of people battling with obesity, no matter how determined to lose weight, turning to food in times of stress or unhappiness is almost automatic. For others, the never ending feeling of hunger makes a low calorie diet too emotionally stressful to follow. These are real struggles that can make losing weight difficult.

The idea of “diet pills” may leave some skeptical. Yet, with celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson, Adele, Star Jones, Khloe Kardashian, and Wendy Williams, all claiming to have seen life-changing weight-loss results after using these pills, they seem to be definitely worth a try. Dubbed the “skinny pill”, Garcinia Cambogia Plus uses a clinically-tested formula of natural extracts known for their appetite suppressing abilities.

Garcinia diet pills have been proven time and time again to really work. When used in combination with a healthy eating plan, Garcinia Cambogia Plus can help cut out the constant cravings that are undoing all your good work.

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SeroVital Dietary Supplement

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In 2016, Wilson revealed that she had a hormonal imbalance, making weight loss via traditional methods more difficult for her. An imbalance in the human growth hormone (HGH), produced by the pituitary gland, can lead to an inability to easily lose weight.

Throughout life, tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, energy, and metabolism, are all managed by the HRH. However, in obese adults, studies have shown that they have lower levels of this hormone than adults of average-weight. SeroVital Dietary Supplements are designed to promote youthful pituitary function. This has been associated with decreased body fat, increased lean-muscle mass, stronger bones, and more youthful skin integrity.

All round, these supplements, when used in conjunction with a healthy diet, should boost your metabolism and your overall weight loss regime. If imbalanced hormones are interrupting and undermining your hard work, supplements such as SeroVital will give your body the extra helping hand it needs.

Stability Exercise Ball

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Along with managing a balanced diet and getting a hormonal imbalance under control, Rebel Wilson’s successful weight loss truly began when she introduced exercise into her life. For Wilson, walking and hiking, whenever she could, provided the fat-burning aerobic activity she needed. Using a stability ball for exercising at home provides the muscle strength needed to sustain weight loss.

Exercise is essential for a healthy life. A strong core will allow for many long years of activity. Purchasing a gym membership can be expensive, not to mention big commitment with today’s busy schedules. Stability balls are simple exercise devices which should be in every home. They come in a variety of strengths, with many supporting over to 2000lbs. Even yoga enthusiasts use stability balls for support when exercising.

Physiotherapists are huge advocates of these stability balls, as they protect the back while strengthening the core. They are ideal for anyone struggling with pain or obesity, as well as those looking to maintain a trim figure. They are specifically designed to support the body fully, but are soft and comfortable too. When used for stretching and strengthening exercises, stability balls allow full movement without straining the body.

Aerobic Exercise Steps

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Honestly, sometimes the old methods really are the best. When it comes to exercise and losing weight, the correlation is obvious. And, the most obvious way to lose weight through exercise is to introduce aerobic activity to your life. For Rebel Wilson, this activity was hiking. But there is a simpler way to get the same number of sweat-inducing steps in, without leaving your home – an aerobic exercise step.

These keep-fit gadgets have been on the market since the market existed, it seems. But there is a good reason why they are still readily available today. They’re simple, and they work. Step up, step down, and repeat. If you wish to throw some moves into your routine, feel free. However, the basic step and repeat method is all you need for this one.

Most aerobic steps are adjustable, with higher steps for increased difficulty. Let Rebel inspire you. By continually pushing yourself to sweat, and getting your heart pumping, you will notice a change in your fitness level, as well as your size, in no time.

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